LTC Leon James Died of Wounds 10 OCT 05
MSG Tulsa Tuliau Killed in Action 26 SEP 05
SFC Casey Howe Killed in Action 26 SEP 05
The Author, Then Master Sergeant Martin Swirko, suits up for another combat mission
Officer Michael Briggs Manchester NH PD. Died of his wounds received in the line of duty 17 OCT 2006
Manchester NH Police Officers attend the arraignment of Michael Addison in Dorchester, Ma. District Court. Addison had been arrested by Boston Police officers after he shot and killed Officer Michael Briggs. Addison, the coward that he was, refused to come out of the lockup during his arraignment to face the public.
The Murder Police-The Author, (Me) Detective Marty Swirko, Manchester NH Police Responds to his 2nd homicide and 4th shooting on this memorable day, October 22, 2010. This Photo was taken approximately 30 hours after I first reported for a regular day shift the previous morning. I didn’t know at that time it would be 40 hours before I would get the opportunity to sleep again, and then only for a few hours. Then back to the cases, for another 18 hours. Photo from WMUR-TV Manchester.
Officer Michael Briggs Police Athletic League Building Manchester, NH
Officer Michael Briggs Locker at Manchester NH Police HQ. The locker is locked and preserved in the male locker room as a tribute to Mike.
MSG Martin Swirko Iraq 2005.Throat protector hanging from his neck, two pistol magazines and a tourniquet under the name tag and a bandolier containing M-4 ammunition under left arm.

Yup. That’s me. Drill Sergeant Swirko. Taken the summer of 1990 during Desert Shield at Ft. Dix, NJ. The blue disc behind the hat brass indicates I was an infantryman. We were training new soldiers for war. I was tired, operating on very little sleep and in no mood to smile.
My Taxi, Marty’s Taxi Inc. Circa 1978 Boston Medallion Number 1478. Part of the then Red and White Cab Association.
My Army “Rack” Not a lot, but the one on the top, the Combat Infantry Badge is the one I’m most proud of. The ribbon just under the CIB is the Bronze Star.
My Police “RACK”. The dark blue bar on the top was awarded to me after surviving a long, armed standoff with a suicidal subject. The Yellow was for a counterfeit Payroll Check invetsigation that took close to a year and ended with approximately 25 arrests. The Secret Service worked that case with me.
As you can see, Manchester Police Midnight Patrol Shift on Christmas Morning 1994. I’m in the back row, 4th from the left. The late, great Danny Guerin is standing just behind where the two barrels of the shotguns cross with the old “brick” Motorola radio hanging from his belt. Danny would go on to be my partner for almost three years from 1997 till 2000 while we were assigned to the Domestic Violence Unit together. I miss him. He was a good guy and a great cop. I learned a lot from him.
Officer Eve Eisenbise, Manchester NH Police Department. Subject of the story “Spending The Night With Eve”
Drill Sergeant Candidate SGT Frank Swirko 1988 Operation Onaway Eagle III Ft. Campbell, KY
Command Sergeant Major Frank Swirko THE CSM of NATO-Balkans 2020
My Daughter, international Roller Derby Star Katrina skating for the Manchvegas (Manchester, NH) Roller Girls
My Daughter with the Most Valuable Skater Award skating for the Boston Wicked Pissahs. One of many during her ten years of Roller Derby.
Scoreboard during a bout in Pittsburg, PA. The Boston Massacre went on to beat the Paris France Team, along with every other team they faced on their way to becoming the U S National Women’s Flat Track Association Champions.
Katrina on her way past an opponent who is trying to block her. The blocker was unsuccessful and Katrina is scoring points. This Photo was taken in Manchester, England during the International Woman’s Roller Derby Championship. Katrina was skating for Team Poland here. Poland finished the tournament with 2 wins and 3 losses.
One of Team Poland’s victories.
Proud Dad

Where my Army career began. During the Scorching summer of 1981. I learned many lessons at Ft. Benning. Most of them were about myself.

These were my teachers. Not included in the photo is SFC Gary Hamm.