All Routes Are Amber

Baghdad 2005

During 2005 and 2006

4 thoughts on “All Routes Are Amber

  1. Amber wsas a luxury, but in the end it it didnt make much different on MSR Pluto in 2005, as anything south of the circle of love was always red.

    IED s were just as deadly when the route was “Amber” which is your point no doubt brother.


    1. never was a route Green. not the entire time we were there. Although, a few months after we got home, I attended a class for Composite Risk Management. The instructor was from the Army’s Center for Lessons Learned, and during one of our practice exercises, I was given a failing grade. In the exercise, the fictional route to be taken was evaluated to be AMBER. I and was told that I was incorrect for planning an operation when the route was not green. Sometimes, there is a real disconnect between theory and reality.


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